Audi S8 for Sale by Owner


If you are trying to decide whether to buy a used Audi S8 it may be useful to go through these points so as to make a well informed decision. Like any other Audi, the S8 is worth considering. In this case it may be even more so for those who love luxurious looking cars. In fact the Audi S8 is compared a great deal with the Mercedes-Benz AMG models.

The S8 has a number of similarities with the A8; however, there are some differences worth noting. These include the door mirror housings made from solid aluminum, the beltline with a chrome-colored effect, twin exhaust pipes, and the lower front grill.

In many countries the Audi S8 is only available with an automatic transmission. In 1999, the Audi S8 received some facelifts and upgrades, just as the A8. The top speed of the S8 is 155 mph and the acceleration from zero to 60 is approximately 5.7 seconds. The length of this sedan is 198.2 inches, making it one of the longest models introduced in that year.

Starting MSRP: $112,500 Estimated MPG: 15 City / 26 Hwy
Available Trims: 4.0 TFSI Base Engine: 4.0L V8

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