Toyota Sequoia for Sale by Owner

used-Toyota-SequoiaBuying a used Toyota Sequoia never disappoints. In fact, it gives you an incredible car at a small price. If you are looking for a spacious car, this is definitely the right one for you as it has a seating capacity for seven passengers. It also has fold-down seats for added luggage space as well as a roof rack. Additional accessories such as trailer balls and ball mounts allow it to accommodate more people.

Toyota Sequoia features a powerful engine, innovative entertainment options and advanced safety systems. These features make your ride more enjoyable and comfortable. The car has off-road capability and can tow a boat or any other trailer which makes it perfect for family outings. Buyers can choose between two-wheel or four-wheel drive models. If you are looking to buy a used Toyota Sequoia, be sure to choose the latest models as they are an improvement of the older models.

Starting MSRP: $42,455 Estimated MPG: 13 city / 18 hwy
Available Models: SR5, Limited, Platinum Base Engine: 5.7L V8
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