Toyota MR2 for Sale by Owner

Toyota-MR2_2000If you want to buy a used Toyota MR2 then you need to be careful so as to get a good deal. The MR2 is a beautiful vehicle that shows class and elegance in its design. It first arrived in the mid-1980s and offered an exotic look as well a fulfilling driving experience. All this was at a price that many saw as a fraction of what other exotic cars were being sold at during that period. Features such as the rear wheel drive and the mid-engine proved the ability of Toyota to create entertaining sports cars.

If you want to get elegance and style at an affordable price, then a used Toyota MR2 is a great choice. The car houses features such as 14 inch alloy wheels, a driver-side airbag, an AM/FM audio system, and other standard features.

Suggested Resale Value (1995): $4700-6200 Estimated MPG: 27 City / 30 Hwy
Base Engine: 2.2L 4 Cylinder
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