Toyota Matrix for Sale by Owner

Toyota-Matrix_2011The 5 sitter Toyota Matrix is what one would describe as a tall yet very compact wagon. The wagon features a somewhat cool, fun and sporty design. It is a vehicle that many tend to think is more suitable for a young shopper. However the Toyota Matrix is suitable for all ages especially because it contains many desirable attributes that cut across all age groups. The Matrix is versatile and can be able to accommodate adult sized passengers as well as bulky cargo.

The wagon features a roomy cabin, gives a smooth ride and boosts a high fuel economy. Whether it is a new or used Toyota Matrix you can count on the wagon to be sturdy. The Toyota Matrix is a beefy car that can be able to endure winding back country roads, poor weather conditions or any other type of mishaps that occur on the road. Each and every used Toyota matrix must pass rigorous inspection so as to be accepted for sale.

Starting MSRP: $19,275 Estimated MPG: 26 City / 32 Hwy
Available Trims: L, S Base Engine: 1.8L 4 Cylinder
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