Toyota Land Cruiser for Sale by Owner

landcruiserThe Toyota Land Cruiser is widely known for its impressive drive capabilities. The highway driving experience of a used Toyota Land-Cruiser should be smooth and comfortable, and comes packed with a powerful engine. Should a used Land Cruiser fit into your budget, rest assured that it will fit the bill with its versatility.

It is such a powerful car with a 381 Horsepower 5.7 liter gas powered-V8 mated to a six speed overdrive enabled auto transmission. If you are looking to buy this used Toyota Land-Cruiser therefore, then you are in for a special treatment. The Land Cruiser seats up 8 passengers. Depending on the year and trim it may have navigation and heated seats with an easy control system, all at your disposal.

The Land Cruiser offers great value for your money due to its long lasting durability aspects and ability to stand up to almost anything. If you buy this used Toyota model, then you will without a doubt, you will have yourself a work horse that does not know when to quit.

Starting MSRP: $78,555 Estimated MPG: 13 City / 18 Hwy
Available Trims: Land Cruiser Base Engine: 5.7 V8
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