Jaguar XJR for Sale by Owner


The Jaguar XJR is a luxury car that is bound to please many drivers. Its design is sporty, chic and stylish, and this is emphasized by the various features when it comes to its exterior and interior. Its performance is great according to most reviews. In fact it is described as being very powerful with rapid acceleration. It is also highly responsive, which is expected from any sports car, and even more so from a renowned brand such as Jaguar.

Buying a used Jaguar XJR is certainly something many look forward to as this is really a beautiful car. The new steering hydraulics, improved calibration, sharper in-gear acceleration and updated spoilers and skirts are just some of the ameliorations one can mention. It is also worth noting that the Jaguar XJR has custom 20 inch forged alloy wheels and there is plenty of legroom.

Average Resale Price: $24,000 Estimated MPG: 15 City / 22 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, Supercharged Base Engine: 4.2L V8
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