Jaguar XJ8 for Sale by Owner


The XJ series is one of the oldest from Jaguar. With more than a half of a century of being in production, used Jaguar XJ8 turned into classic or collectors' cars. This vehicle is a full size four-door luxury sedan.

Some of the signature features of the line include a rather large front mesh grill compared to the ones used on other models. The XJ8 line keeps the old dual round headlights. During the early years of production, the model featured large engines but in the past decade, the manufacturers switched to smaller 4.2 or 3.0 liter engines. All models featured the typical Jaguar front bumper with its prominent shape.

The evolution and continuous changes and improvements of the line brought multiple improvements in terms of performance, design and interior. Jaguar’s XJ8 always had leather seats, high quality materials and attention to detail.

Average Resale Price: $20,100 Estimated MPG: 16 City / 25 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, XJ8L, XJ Vanden Plas, XJR, XJ Super V8 Base Engine: 4.2L V8
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