Honda CRX for Sale by Owner


The Honda CRX is a sport compact vehicle which comes with either 5-speed or 4-speed transmissions. It has a coupe body type and has two doors. It comes with cruise control, air conditioning and an AM/FM/cassette audio system. This car has a rear window defroster. The wheels are 13 inch and have power brakes. The fuel tank has a capacity of 10.6 gallons. It comes with tinted windows too.

Buying a used Honda CRX is advisable for any potential buyer without a huge budget. The attributes of the new Honda CRX vehicles do not differ much from the attributes of the used Honda CRX vehicles. When buying a used car, always ensure that the body is aligned properly to avoid buying a car that could have been involved in an accident. Most car dealers have used Honda CRX vehicles, so getting one is not hard. Negotiating the price is advisable so that one gets a good deal.

Average Sale Price: $2,300 Estimated MPG: 25 City / 31 Hwy
Available Trims: DH, SI, HF Base Engine: 1.5L 4 Cylinder
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