Ford Torino for Sale by Owner


The Ford Torino was a car that was manufactured by Ford Motor Company between the year 1968 and 1976. The Torino, which was somewhat an upgraded version of the then Ford Fairlane, was categorized as a subseries and was generally the most well-known model at the time. As much as Ford Motors used the name Fairline up to 1971, the name Torino has featured on almost all body styles. The car was redesigned with an all new appeal and appearance for buyers of the new generation.

Buyers looking to buy a used Ford Torino should know that the car has been offered in the market in various styles. You can get one in a two or four door hardtop, a station wagon, a two door fast back and two door convertible. The Ford Torino was developed with power and comfort in mind.

Average Resale Price: $11,250 Estimated MPG: 11 City / 14 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, GT, Cobra, Brougham, Falcon Base Engine: 3.3L V6
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