Cadillac CTS for Sale by Owner


Buying a used Cadillac CTS is a good option if one would like fairly a spacious mid-sized luxury car. Buyers can choose from three different styles, so there is practically a model for anyone's tastes. There is the 2-door coupe, the 4-door sedan and the 5-door sport wagon.

The first generation was launched in 2002. The transmissions are offered as 5 or 6-speed manual and there is a the 5-speed automatic. In 2008 the second generation of the Cadillac CTS was put on the market. Apart from a few aesthetic changes to the grill and headlights, there are also other features worth noting. For instance, all the models in this generation are 6-speed versions. The model is also wider and longer and there were improvements in technical aspects such as the braking system, the suspension and the steering.

Starting MSRP: $38,905 Estimated MPG: 18 City / 27 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, Coupe, Sport Wagon, Black Diamond Edition, CTSV Base Engine: 3.0L V6
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