Buick Century for Sale by Owner


The Buick Century is a mid-sized sedan that offers luxury and power as well as comfort and style in an affordable package. The Buick came in either Custom trim or Limited. Additionally this vehicle came equipped with keyless entry and dual temperature control. In the early models, luxuries such as cruise control, type of upholstery, sunroofs and power driver’s seat were added options that cost extra and were not included in the car's package until the 2000’s.

Purchasing a used Buick Century is a cost effective family option. A Buick Century will give you the comfort and luxury you would expect and it gets decent gas mileage. Additionally, many manufactures offer a certification program for an older model vehicle. With this you can be assured the car has undergone extreme scrutiny to assure the soundness of its mechanical operation. Should the vehicle not pass all inspections flawlessly then it will not be awarded the certification.

Average Resale Price: $4,100 Estimated MPG: 18 City / 27 Hwy
Available Trims: Custom, Limited, Special Base Engine: 3.1L V6
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