BMW Z3 for Sale by Owner


The BMW Z3 is not only a unique convertible, but a car that is historically recognized for its sale stampede before it even hit the showrooms. This car was the first model to be assembled in the U.S. by BMW North America as a 1996 model car. The fact that its prototype was featured in the James Bond movie dubbed “Golden Eye” in January, 1995 made the car sales spike. In fact, more than 15,000 models were sold before its introduction in the market.

Today, used BMW Z3 roadsters are still sought after for their gallant character; they are deemed stylish, durable, comfortable, operationally efficient and, above all, a collectible. Its long hood houses a 1.9 liter 4 cylinder engine that sports up to 138 horsepower. Later models came with improved engine capacities (at 2.8 liter and 6 cylinders), producing 189 horsepower. German variants have been tuned to even greater performance with some coming with V8 engines.

Average Resale Price: $11,000 Estimated MPG: 20 City / 29 Hwy
Available Trims: Base Base Engine: 1.9L 4 Cylinder
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