BMW X5 for Sale by Owner


If you are looking for a midsize luxury SUV that can guarantee high quality construction and an excellent drive you may want to consider the BMW X5. It is comfortable, yet economical. It is also roomy and ideal for those who need to travel with kids or carry bulky cargo. A used BMW X5 is a great choice to satisfy all of these requirements.

This 5-door SUV was first released in 1999. Various versions of the X5 were launched since then, each time with subtle changes and updates, such as bigger headlamps. The trunk space is variable, depending on how many passengers you have, because all of the seats fold down. The interior is comfortable, with various features such as air conditioning, automatic wipers and lights, electronic parking brake, parking sensors, active steering, and leather trim. Additionally, it has a clean ride as the eight-speed automatic gearbox enables quick and smooth shifting.

Starting MSRP: $52,800 Estimated MPG: 19 City / 27 Hwy
Available Trims: xDrive35i, Premium, Sport Activity, xDrive50i Base Engine: 3.0L V6
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