BMW M5 for Sale by Owner


Opting for a used BMW M5 may not be the best choice if one is looking for a small car to run daily errands. However, if one prefers a professional looking and spacious vehicle, the BMW M5 is a good option.

The BMW M5 is renowned for its performance and handling. It has great acceleration capabilities, steering, power train control systems and a multi-mode suspension.

The exterior is well designed, elongated and business-like. The interior couples up with this as it evokes quality, luxury and comfort as soon as you get inside. There is plenty of legroom and headroom. There is a Digital Audio Broadcasting radio, a satellite navigation system and an Active Sound Design System.

One will also love the luxurious ambience that is provided by the wide leather seats and the quality of the material used for the cabin. There interior also has embossed leather and sill plates.

Starting MSRP: $90,900 Estimated MPG: 15 City / 22 Hwy
Available Trims: Base Base Engine: 4.4L V8
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