Acura MDX for Sale by Owner


Acura MDX is a mid-sized, seven passenger luxury crossover. Featuring useful new technology features, a more versatile cabin and a significantly more efficient power train, Acura MDX is one of the best selling models from Acura.

The interiors boast a comfortable cabin, unique two-tier LCD screen and a user-friendly eight-inch display unit. Further increasing MDX’s technology quotient is the available AcuraLink connectivity system, which includes real-time traffic and weather updates, cloud based apps and a concierge serve.

The 2014 MDX prototype, unveiled at the 2013 North American International Show is powered by 3.5 liter V6 with variable cylinder management. The new model sports a new aerodynamic look, with its reduced weight and improved structure rigidity. Much of the crossover’s improved mileage can be attributed to enhanced aerodynamics, variable cylinder management and an advanced Integrated Dynamic System.

The standard features of a used Acura MDX include power-adjustable front seats, an-eight speaker, a seven-inch touchscreen, a rearview camera, a power operated tailgate and full power accessories.

Starting MSRP: $42,290 Estimated MPG: 18 City / 27 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, Technology Package, Technology and Entertainment Package Base Engine: 3.5L V6
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