Acura Legend for Sale by Owner


The Acura Legend has lived up to its rather showy name through time. Years after the last production model was taken off the assembly line in 1995, the Legend has lived up to its title in terms of its performance, luxury features and reliability. If you are in the market for a used Acura Legend your search may take you as far back as its inception in 1986.

The second generation Acura Legend was produced beginning in 1991. There is a choice of a base sedan or the upgraded L and LS trim levels as well as a L or LS coupe. The interior of the vehicle is a nice blend of luxury and sporty touches. Backseat legroom is better than most vehicles.

Used Acura Legends will normally be equipped with a 3.2 liter, V6 under their hoods, generating 200HP. The engine will paired with either a 5 speed manual transmission or a 4 speed automatic. In the 1993 coupes, the horsepower was increased to 230 and the manual transmission was upgraded to a 6 speed. Also, beginning in 1993, all Legends came equipped with dual air bags.

Even though most used Acura Legends available today will have logged high mileage, the car is still considered strongly reliable if it has been well maintained.

Average Resale Price: $2,750 Estimated MPG: 17 City / 23 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, L, LS Base Engine: 2.7L V6
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